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CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Services – Better Choice Over CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Services: New Era in Cutting Solutions


How It Works

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Services... Water Jet cutting is accomplished by forcing a large volume of abrasive water through a small orifice, or jewel, causing the particles to accelerate. This acceleration of particles focused in a small area of the work piece erodes the material until it is separated. This process can leave a nice sand blasted finish on the cut edge.

Why Water Jet?

Water Jet Cutting fills a unique niche in the Industrial Cutting and part making sector of manufacturing, as well as an important resource for the architectural segment. It is generally a better choice over CNC plasma cutting machine services. With the use of this technology, you can make almost any two dimensional shape possible within the confines of the diameter of the .020 to .030 inch jet kerf.  Truly, a new era in cutting solutions.

Because of the simplicity and ease in programming the CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine, the turnaround time for cutting is a marked advantage. With such a small kerf and close cutting proximities, parts can be nested for effective and efficient use of materials, a great advantage when dealing with expensive material such as titanium, or other exotic metals.

Our materials used with Machine Jet Cutting Machine Services, can be pierced without requiring mechanically drilled starter or pilot holes, and generally speaking, heat is not a byproduct of Water Jet Cutting. Most materials are cut under water, thus eliminating the heat affected zones that have the potential of changing the properties of the material being cut. Heat treated materials will not be affected, nor will there be heat-caused discoloration as commonly seen with stainless steel.

Depending on the quality of the cut specified during setup and programming, the finished edge of the material being cut will range from the roughest cut showing the water striation marks to the finest cut, which produces a nice finished sandblasted edge. Because secondary edge finishing processes are not required, less time and money is spent.

Brief History

Water is known as the universal solvent, and the force of water has been cutting and eroding in a natural way for millenniums. The controlled use of pressurized water has been around for decades in various applications ranging from the California gold rush in the mid 1800’s to coal mining in Russia using a water cannon in the early 1900’s. In 1972, McCartney Manufacturing Company installed the first industrial water jet cutting equipment (www.mfg.mtu.edu). About this time, abrasives were added to the water to facilitate cutting. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Services is a relatively new technology, which has been “fine tuned” over the past decade or so. Not so much in changes to the hardware, but in updates to the software used to control the jet head. CNC Water Jet Machines are superior to CNC Plasma Cutting Machines because they product a nicer finish and do not produce any slag that would need to be cleaned.
Water Jet Cutting for precision parts manufacturing
CNC water jet for mountain inlays and more

                                             Water jet cutting for hassle free and economical precision small pats cutting


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