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Water Jet Cutting Machines for Precision Die Cutting, Glass Cutting or Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication – Cut Anything!

Water Jet Cutting Machines for die cutting to custom sheet metal fabrication

Who Else Is Using Water Jet Cutting Machines?

Water Jet Cutting Machines are used in many industries for precision die cutting, glass cutting, or profile cutting for custom sheet metal fabrication. These machines can almost cut anything!

Custom control panels and structural components
Blanks for turbine blades on jet engines
Aluminum or Titanium for skin, struts, seats, brakes, and landing gear

Custom exhaust systems
Custom sheet metal fabrication
Gaskets for antique automobiles
Components for racing cars
Skid plates for dirt bikes
Intricate decorative brackets and fittings for custom cars and motorcycles
Short run production for the prototype shops
“Just in Time” inventory control for specialty parts
Custom motorcycle bodies

Electrical Equipment
Enclosures and control panels
Components for portable generators

Elevator Manufacturer
Manufacture architectural components and metal fittings for elevators

Film Industry
Cutting rigging components and props for movies

Food Processing Equipment
Components (primarily from stainless steel and plastic) for food processing lines
Guards, enclosures, food handling and packaging equipment
Custom food processing equipment
Orange juice manufacturing equipment
Specialty liquid filling equipment

Copper head gaskets for racing engines
Metal and rubber gaskets for various industries.

Special shaped window panels for cabinets and doors
Lens blanks (up to 2" thick) from glass and quartz
Glass components used in the electronic and medical industry
Optical laser parts for various high tech industries
Custom glass panels for the space shuttle
Replacement glass for antique autos
Art deco mirror designs

Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Cross bow limbs
Custom triggers for firearms and rifles
Sights for rifles
Blanks for knives

Industrial Processing Equipment
Profile knife blades for woodworking
Profile knives for recycling composite roof tiles
Profile knives for wood molding

Machine Tool
Manufacture punch die buttons and strippers
Die cutting

Blanking out surgical instruments from special steel alloys
Cutting artificial limb components from carbon fiber composites
Manufacturing carbon braces and orthopedic appliances
Making prototype medical devices for test and evaluation
Model shop prototyping

Model and R & D Shops
Making architectural models
Producing test fixtures and prototype components
Short-run production

Musical Instruments
Blank out valve components for instruments
Custom guitar inlays

Plastics Manufacturing
Polyurethane products for a variety of industries

Quartz cutting equipment
Stainless steel parts for semi-conductor manufacturing
Laminated lenses for adjusting color on HDTV systems

Woodstove Manufacturing
Used in place of plasma for better quality edges


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