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Waterjet Cutting: Preferred Choice over Laser Cutting Machines for
Metal Fabrication and Shape Cutting

Waterjet cutting: preferred for metal fabrication and shape cutting over laser cutting machines

Manufacturing parts using Water Jet has many advantages.

For example, Water Jet Cutting is an ideal technology for Prototyping. Because of the fast setup and turnaround times that are possible, setup and cutting for small quantities can be very cost effective.

It can also be a very cost effective solution for Production runs of two dimensional manufactured parts compared to laser cutting machines. Depending on the specific materials, thicknesses, and tolerances, parts can be nested and stacked. In addition, Aerospace, metal fabrication and other industries requiring the cutting of titanium, and other exotic alloys, benefit from the efficient use, and non heat-affected zones of these expensive materials. Also, many times machine shops benefit by having their parts “blanked”, or cut to close tolerance before finishing them to final tolerances.

Two dimensional cutting of an assortment of gears, such as basket and spur gears, can be made using various metals and plastics.

And since Water Jet can cut almost any materials, even when very thin gauges are specified, gaskets, and other seals can be cut from materials such as rubber, silicone, neoprene, nitrile, graphite, and many other synthetic materials.

Besides cutting for Manufacturing, Water Jet Cutting Machine Service is used for many Architectural needs as well. Due to the lack of heat generated, Water Jet is perfect for most types of glass cutting, including cutting of bullet-proof, laminated, and stained glass. Sorry, it cannot cut tempered glass.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Service can be used for cutting ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles for making custom medallions and inlays. can also be used for cutting solid surfaces such as granite and marble for countertops, showers, and floors, etc.

Water Jet is also great for signage for outside applications, as well as various home and office Décor signs. Many customers request custom projects such as distinctive shaped mirrors, silhouettes cut out of thin gauge metal, or address numbers cut from stone.

Water Jet is such a versatile cutting tool, that we have found so many people with specialty needs, including Knife Making, Custom Bike accessories, fiberglass repairs for boats, custom headstones, and we have even cut special effects for magicians.

If you can design it, and it is a two dimensional cut, there is an excellent chance that we at Wet Jet Precision can be of service to you.

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